EDWARD – The Foleyart Instrument V1.2 Out!

EDWARD – The Foleyart Instrument V1.2 Out!
22. July 2015 Tovusound


Our latest roundup of Tovusound news focuses on the new update of EDWARD – The Foleyart Instrument. Thanks a lot of all your feedback and recommendations related to EDWARD. We really appreciate your help and trying to cover all your needs. Great to see that this tool became so famous in just a short period of time. Thank you very much!

While we’re working on some big new features, we found a way to improve the phase stabilty and decided to give you this feature as soon as possible. See below for details…

Hope you all can enjoy the summertime, which gave us good opportunities to make some unique recordings. Stay tuned, something really nice ist coming..

All the best from Cologne,

The Tovusound Team


The major change is the phase stability when mixing “Close” and “Distance” recordings together. In some patched were comb filter problems found, which will be solved by now! We also added some new little features based on you recommendations..

This update is free and recommend to all users of Edward. To get this update now, please log into your account on tovusond.com and download the “V1.2 update only” file (8MB) from “My Downloads” tab. Instructions to install are included the file. Need help? support@tovusound.com

Edward Change Log:EDWARD INSTRUMENT V1.2Added    assigned Mod Wheel to Attack
Added    Pitch Bend Wheel
Fixed     Phase issue in some patches
Fixed    minor issueEDWARD INSTRUMENT V1.1Fixed     algorithm in Concrete Business Patch; sometimes two left feet were played in a row
Added    algorithm to 72 Round Robin per Note
Added    ADSR Envelope to Land1 & Land2
Added    set Decay default position to max
Fixed     minor issues 
Fixed     Touch OSC issue