5. April 2016 Tovusound

The A Sound Effect – blog has just released an interview with Josh Reinhardt, the co-developer of Edward Ultimate.

Read what he says about the development and the philosophy of our newest Edward – flagship. Also meet Lara Dale the miraculous Foley Artist behind Edward ULTIMATE:

Hi Josh, could you please introduce yourself and how you got involved with the Edward project?Sure, I’m Josh and I’ve been doing sound design for feature film and television for the better part of 10 years.
How I got involved with Edward is actually an interesting story! I have wanted to develop an interactive Foley software library since I first started recording Foley many years ago. Over the years I came up with the functionality and interface design, met with many developers, took a programming class, and even recorded a library with the very talented Foley Artist Lara Dale. We called the sound library “Ultimate Footsteps” and released it for sale. Before I left on a long trip abroad I stumbled across an Edward video and was impressed by their software.

Coincidentally the owner of Edward came across the “Ultimate Footsteps” library after I left, and contacted me while I was farming in France. After a number of emails we decided we’d meet in Düsseldorf and talk about our ideas for Edward Ultimate.

Please click here to read thew full article.