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Services provided on this application www.tovusound.com is operated by:

TOVUSOUND – Lugar Rosa Blanca 3
35637 Betancuria
Provincia Las Palmas – Fuerteventura (Spain)
Legal Note And Disclaimer: https://tovusound.com/legal-note-and-disclaimer/

Email: mail (-at-) tovusound (-dot-) com
Please replace (-at-) with @ and (-dot-) with . for writing an email.

The site sells sound effect libraries from Tovusound.

The prices are quoted in USD. The prices are displayed without value added tax (VAT). If VAT or IGIC should be charged according to local laws, Tovusound will pay this tax. The customer will not be charged any additional VAT.
All transaction fees depend on the payment method you choose and are displayed clearly before the purchase if possible.

You must register to purchase any products on the site. Links to downloadable files are delivered to the email address you provide upon registration within 24 hours – and normally immediately after purchase. The email will contain links with 3 download attempts. If these three attempts are not sufficient, we will set the authorization again on 3 attempts or provide you an alternative link. Should you not be able to download the desired product due to a lack of your internet connection, Tovusound reserves the right to consider the purchase as completed. If you experiencing trouble downloading the files please contact us here.

The license terms and usage rights for sound effect libraries purchased through tovusound.com can be found in the End User License Agreement. Unless otherwise noted, this agreement governs all purchases made through tovusound.com.

Since downloads unfortunately can’t be returned, all sales are final and there are no refunds, unless required by consumer laws. If returns are required by a consumer law, this return policy is only valid until download of the product(s) has begun. For business purchases, all sales are final. If you have problems with a download or defects in a product, please contact us here.

The customer has the possibility to subscribe to different products. A monthly payment is automatically debited from the specified account. After fulfilling the agreement, the customer owns the product.

The customer has the right to cancel within the trial period and on a monthly basis. He will be released from further payment requests with immediate effect and agrees to uninstall the software properly. Any further use beyond the end of the monthly cycle contradicts the EULA.

By using tovusound.com, you agree to indemnify Tovusound for any loss or damage that may be incurred by Tovusound, including without limitation legal fees, arising from your use of the site or your use of any information obtained through the Site.

We will not sell, rent or share your email address or other contact information. We may use your data as follows:

  • We may use your contact information when you make a purchase on the site to provide download links, invoices and technical support when needed.
  • We can send you service notifications such as login information, transaction messages, password renewal and canceled shopping cart reminders and other notifications related to our service.
  • If you register on tovusound.com or register for the newsletter, you will receive notices about similar products, updates or information about us by email. If you have inadvertently subscribed or no longer wish to receive the newsletter, each newsletter contains a unsubscribe form. You can also contact us at any time to cancel your subscription.
  • We may use personal data as described in our detailed Privacy and Cookie Policy which can be found und the link: https://tovusound.com/privacy-and-cookies-policy/

Unless otherwise agreed, or objected to, we may use cookies as described in detail in our Privacy and Cookie Policy. This agreement can be changed at any time or objected to within the scope of legal regulations. The Privacy and Cookie Policy can be found under the following link: https://tovusound.com/privacy-and-cookies-policy/