Reached my Download Limit, what happened?

Don’t worry, we’ll get the files to you. It’s only a security setting with numbered downloads.
Drop us a quick note and we will reset your permissions if you run out of downloads.

Where are my downloads?

If you do not know your preset download folder, you can read up in the preferences of your browser

I have bought a product, where do I find the download links?

After successful payment you will receive an email with order confirmation and download link.
In some cases, this emails might become marked as spam. Check your spam folder or return to
You have the possibility to download the software from your Tovusound account anytime after purchase.


Setting up Edward inside KONTAKT 5.6.8 and higher

Since Kontakt 5.6.8 the installation process has slightly changed. Please install Native Access and add the serial number. Please find more information here or watch the video if you run into any difficulties.

How to install an Expansion for Edward

(1) Please install the free UnRarX (Mac) or WinRAR (Win) if you don´t have them already (other apps won´t work).

(2) MOVE “xxx_Expansion_xxx .rar” next to your existing Edward folder where your Kontakt libraries are installed.

Screen Shot 2017-06-22 at 16.23.55

(3) Expand the RAR file now with UnRarX or WinRAR. Note: Each file will be placed at the right position and no new folder will be created. If you see a new folder has been created, delete it and start with (1) again.

DONE! You will find the new expansion inside the instrument folder and inside Kontakt. Rescan the library inside NI Maschine/Komplete Kontrol if needed.

Still not sure what to do? Watch The Video

Can't install EUS Expansion / Can't find folder Edward Ultimate SUITE

If  you can’t find the “Edward Ultimate SUITE” folder, you have maybe an older version of Edward Ultimate installed. You need to cross grade to latest Edward Ultimate SUITE.  Please log in and find your personal discount applied already on the product page.

Edward disappears each time after Kontakt restart

If Edward won´t stay in the library window of Kontakt follow these steps:

Remove the library out of Kontakt (if needed).
Open the Stand Alone App from NI Kontakt (not inside the DAW)
Add the library there and activate it.
Make sure you have NI Access installed on your system.


I can’t seem to find the serial number

Edward instruments requires a serial number when they are Kontakt Player compatible. This serial can be found on the invoice and in your account. Older Edwards don’t need a serial number to get 100% functionality.

Edward is running in Demo Mode

Please activate Edward in your NI Service Center. If you have an older version of Edward, you need a full version of NI Kontakt. In this case not Edward is running in Demo Mode, it’s NI Kontakt.

Kontakt ask for password every time my DAW loads

Please start the stand alone app from Kontakt and place your password there.
Now your DAW should be able to recognize the authorization.

Edward is loading extremely slow (10 minutes)

Please use the “batch-resave” function inside Kontakt to solve the issue.

If you are on Windows, exclude the Edward library folder from your Anti Virus scan folders.

How to upgrade to Edward Ultimate

If you can already use the little Edward version, you will love the Ultimate series. All sounds have been newly performed by a Foley Artist. Since they are all synced, you can mix as many variations as you like. The result is a completely different and not to be compared to little Edward.
Since it is a complete new release, you can still use your current version when you cross-grade. This is useful for loading old projects or when many different variations of the same surface are needed.
You get a $50 discount on the SUITE or the PRO bundle. This $50 is automatically deducted from the price on the product page while you are logged in.

NKS Support

Edward is showing up in Kontakt but not in Komplete Kontrol

First make sure you have the latest version of Komplete Kontrol and Kontakt installed.
When you’re on the latest versions, update the Library in Komplete Kontrol inside the standalone app not within your DAW.


How to handle Multiple-RAR files? Some files seems broken, what should I do?

When you are experiencing issues while loading an instrument, it might be an unpacking problem.
If you have installation files called name.part1.rar, name.part2.rar, name.part3.rar, you don’t need to unarchive each file separately. By clicking on part one it will extract the entire software with the right folder structure on its own. No moving of folders or samples necessary.

Can’t extract downloaded files

Make sure you have downloaded all files correctly as shown under “Installation” in the Reference Manual of your product.  All files are tested in several environments without any password protection.

How do I install the WAV Sample Library?

If you’ve purchased a WAV Library, easily move the download folder to the desired position of your sound archive. Then drag & drop the whole folder in your sound browser like Soundminer or Bashead. Besides, all WAV files remain in your position and are tied together about the metadata with your archive.


How do I get the metadata in my bought samples?

The WAV files offered by us are already provided with all metadata. The suspended PDF serves only for the overview. If you simply pull the sample library folder in your sound browser all metadata will be indicated.

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