EdV3rb – LITE

EdV3rb – LITE


Rooms and IRs up to 5.0 Surround

EDV3RB – LITE  is the little brother of EDV3RB – ROOMtones + Impulse Responses.
The LITE Version includes 3 rooms out of the full version in 5.0 Surround @24/48 as multiple WAV files. PLUS their Impulse Responses made for the IR-Reverb PlugIns Audio Ease Altiverb, Avid Space, Waves IR-1 and others supporting WAV impulses.
In the full version you will get more rooms, more variations and quality up to 96kHz.
Please see more details on the EDV3RB page.

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Complete it


An extremely low-noise WAV recording of each room in different perspectives gives you the basis and the real sound of the location.
With exactly the same room as Impulse Response, you can add all kinds of different sounds to the ambience to create a perfect natural sound environment.
No matter whether you need the sound of old factory buildings in the cinema or in music.


Very simple! You will start with a room tone as a WAV file. Depending on the project, you will need a stereo or surround file in the same sample rate as your end product, for example 24 bit 48,000 Hz and 5 tracks. If you are working in surround mode, please also note to order the corresponding version of the WAV files.
This is placed on your timeline in your favorite DAW (Digital Audio Workstation). Now you create some new tracks and route them via an AUX to a Convolution Reverb Plugin. This is not included in the package, but you can use all common plugins.
There you load the room impulse response from which you already loaded the WAV file, and are now able to add all sorts of sounds to that room. That’s all and does wonders!


• Carlsberg No 19
• Factory Furnace
• Staircase




• 32 IR patches in total (containing 8 5.0 Surround, 16 Stereo and 8 Mono)
• 4 Halls (industry, factory)
• 1 Stairs
Audio Formats
• Mono
• Stereo
• Quad
• 5.0 Surround
Recording Equipment
Schoeps CCM4
Neumann KM184
Sounddevices 788t
All IRs recorded with mono source: Genelec 8020


Reference – Manual
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Stereo 24/96, 5.0 Surround 24/48, 5.0 Surround 24/96
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