EdV3rb – ROOMtones + Impulse Responses

EdV3rb – ROOMtones + Impulse Responses


Rooms and IRs up to 5.0 Surround

EDV3RB is designed to be a complete toolbox to create a realistic sounding room atmosphere.
You can never have enough IRs!




An extremely low-noise WAV recording of each room in different perspectives gives you the basis and the real sound of the location.
With exactly the same room as Impulse Response, you can add all kinds of different sounds to the ambience to create a perfect natural sound environment.
No matter whether you need the sound of old factory buildings in the cinema or in music.


Very simple! You will start with a room tone as a WAV file. Depending on the project, you will need a stereo or surround file in the same sample rate as your end product, for example 24 bit 48,000 Hz and 5 tracks. If you are working in surround mode, please also note to order the corresponding version of the WAV files.
This is placed on your timeline in your favorite DAW (Digital Audio Workstation). Now you create some new tracks and route them via an AUX to a Convolution Reverb Plugin. This is not included in the package, but you can use all common plugins.
There you load the room impulse response from which you already loaded the WAV file, and are now able to add all sorts of sounds to that room. That’s all and does wonders!


• Bunker 101
• Carlsberg No 19
• Carpark Big
• Carpark Small
• Der Saal
• Factory Hall Big
• Factory Furnace
• Factory Hall Huge
• Factory Hall Small
• Factory Tunnel
• Kitchen
• Living Room
• Living Room II
• Sleeping Room
• Staircase



• EdV3rb Stereo
• EdV3rb 5.0 Surround
• EdV3rb 5.0 Surround
• 24 bit / 96 kHz
• 24 bit / 48 kHz
• 24 bit / 96kHz
• 5.75GB
• 6.33GB
• 13.2GB




• 112 IR patches in total (containing 28 5.0 Surround, 56 Stereo and 28 Mono)
• 80 Halls (industry, factory, office buildings)
• 16 Domestic (kitchen, living room, sleeping room)
• 16 Stairs


 Audio Formats
• Mono
• Stereo
• Quad
• 5.0 Surround
IR – Impulse Response
1 Bunker 101 Pos A Center m-m.wav
2 Bunker 101 Pos A Front m-st.wav
3 Bunker 101 Pos A Rear m-st.wav
4 Bunker 101 Pos A Surround m-5.wav
5 Bunker 101 Pos B Center m-m.wav
6 Bunker 101 Pos B Front m-st.wav
7 Bunker 101 Pos B Rear m-st.wav
8 Bunker 101 Pos B Surround m-5.wav
9 Bunker 101 Pos C Center m-m.wav
10 Bunker 101 Pos C Front m-st.wav
11 Bunker 101 Pos C Rear m-st.wav
12 Bunker 101 Pos C Surround m-5.wav
13 Carlsberg 3m Center m-m.wav
14 Carlsberg 3m Front m-st.wav
15 Carlsberg 3m Rear m-st.wav
16 Carlsberg 3m Surround m-5.wav
17 Carlsberg 6m Center m-st.wav
18 Carlsberg 6m Front m-st.wav
19 Carlsberg 6m Rear m-st.wav
20 Carlsberg 6m Surround m-5.wav
21 Carlsberg 9m Center m-st.wav
22 Carlsberg 9m Front m-st.wav
23 Carlsberg 9m Rear m-st.wav
24 Carlsberg 9m Surround m-5.wav
25 Carpark Big Center m-m.wav
26 Carpark Big Front m-st.wav
27 Carpark Big Rear m-st.wav
28 Carpark Big Surround m-5.wav
29 Carpark Small Center m-m.wav
30 Carpark Small Front m-st.wav
31 Carpark Small Rear m-st.wav
32 Carpark Small Surround m-5.wav
33 Der Saal 3m Center m-m.wav
34 Der Saal 3m Front m-st.wav
35 Der Saal 3m Rear m-st.wav
36 Der Saal 3m Surround m-5.wav
37 Der Saal 5m Center m-m.wav
38 Der Saal 5m Front m-st.wav
39 Der Saal 5m Rear m-st.wav
40 Der Saal 5m Surround m-5.wav
41 Der Saal 8m Center m-m.wav
42 Der Saal 8m Front m-st.wav
43 Der Saal 8m Rear m-st.wav
44 Der Saal 8m Surround m-5.wav
45 Factory Big Center m-st.wav
46 Factory Big Front m-st.wav
47 Factory Big Rear m-st.wav
48 Factory Big Surround m-5.wav
49 Factory Furnace Center m-m.wav
50 Factory Furnace Front m-st.wav
51 Factory Furnace Rear m-st.wav
52 Factory Furnace Surround m-5.wav
53 Factory Huge 2m Center m-m.wav
54 Factory Huge 2m Front m-st.wav
55 Factory Huge 2m Rear m-st.wav
56 Factory Huge 2m Surround m-5.wav
57 Factory Huge 9m Center m-m.wav
58 Factory Huge 9m Front m-st.wav
59 Factory Huge 9m Rear m-st.wav
60 Factory Huge 9m Surround m-5.wav
61 Factory Small Center m-m.wav
62 Factory Small Front m-st.wav
63 Factory Small Rear m-st.wav
64 Factory Small Surround m-5.wav
65 Factory Tunnel Pos A 3m Center m-m.wav
66 Factory Tunnel Pos A 3m Front m-st.wav
67 Factory Tunnel Pos A 3m Rear m-st.wav
68 Factory Tunnel Pos A 3m Surround m-5.wav
69 Factory Tunnel Pos A 5m Center m-m.wav
70 Factory Tunnel Pos A 5m Front m-st.wav
71 Factory Tunnel Pos A 5m Rear m-st.wav
72 Factory Tunnel Pos A 5m Surround m-5.wav
73 Factory Tunnel Pos B 3m Center m-m.wav
74 Factory Tunnel Pos B 3m Front m-st.wav
75 Factory Tunnel Pos B 3m Rear m-st.wav
76 Factory Tunnel Pos B 3m Surround m-5.wav
77 Factory Tunnel Pos B 5m Center m-m.wav
78 Factory Tunnel Pos B 5m Front m-st.wav
79 Factory Tunnel Pos B 5m Rear m-st.wav
80 Factory Tunnel Pos B 5m Surround m-5.wav
81 Kitchen Center m-m.wav
82 Kitchen Front m-st.wav
83 Kitchen Rear m-st.wav
84 Kitchen Surround m-5.wav
85 Living Room Center m-m.wav
86 Living Room Front m-st.wav
87 Living Room Rear m-st.wav
88 Living Room Surround m-5.wav
89 Living Room II Center m-m.wav
90 Living Room II Front m-st.wav
91 Living Room II Rear m-st.wav
92 Living Room II Surround m-5.wav
93 Sleeping Room Center m-m.wav
94 Sleeping Room Front m-st.wav
95 Sleeping Room Rear m-st.wav
96 Sleeping Room Surround m-5.wav
97 Staircase 1down Center m-m.wav
98 Staircase 1down Front m-st.wav
99 Staircase 1down Rear m-st.wav
100 Staircase 1down Surround m-5 .wav
101 Staircase 1up Center m-m.wav
102 Staircase 1up Front m-st.wav
103 Staircase 1up Rear m-st.wav
104 Staircase 1up Surround m-5.wav
105 Staircase 2down Center m-m.wav
106 Staircase 2down Front m-st.wav
107 Staircase 2down Rear m-st.wav
108 Staircase 2down Surround m-5.wav
109 Staircase 2up Center m-m.wav
110 Staircase 2up Front m-st.wav
111 Staircase 2up Rear m-st.wav
112 Staircase 2up Surround m-5.wav
WAV Library
1 EdV01_Bunker_101.wav
2 EdV02_Carlsberg_No19_Pos_A.wav
3 EdV03_Carlsberg_No19_Pos_B.wav
4 EdV04_Carpark_Big_Pos_A.wav
5 EdV05_Carpark_Big_Pos_B.wav
6 EdV06_Carpark_Big_Pos_C.wav
7 EdV07_Carpark_Big_Pos_D.wav
8 EdV08_Carpark_Small_Pos_A.wav
9 EdV09_Carpark_Small_Pos_B.wav
10 EdV10_Carpark_Small_Pos_C.wav
11 EdV11_Der_Saal_Hall_Pos_A.wav
12 EdV12_Der_Saal_Hall_Pos_B.wav
13 EdV13_Der_Saal_Hall_Pos_C.wav
14 EdV14_Der_Saal_Hall_Pos_D.wav
15 EdV15_Der_Saal_Hall_Pos_E.wav
16 EdV16_Factory_Big.wav
17 EdV17_Factory_Furnace_Pos_A.wav
18 EdV18_Factory_Furnace_Pos_B.wav
19 EdV19_Factory_Furnace_Pos_C.wav
20 EdV20_Factory_Huge.wav
21 EdV21_Factory_Small_Pos_A.wav
22 EdV22_Factory_Small_Pos_B.wav
23 EdV23_Factory_Tunnel.wav
24 EdV24_Kitchen_Pos_A.wav
25 EdV25_Kitchen_Pos_B.wav
26 EdV26_Kitchen_Pos_C.wav
27 EdV27_Living_Room.wav
28 EdV28_Living_Room_II_Pos_A.wav
29 EdV29_Living_Room_II_Pos_B.wav
30 EdV30_Sleeping_Room.wav
31 EdV31_Staircase_Pos_A.wav
32 EdV32_Staircase_Pos_B.wav
Recording Equipment
Schoeps CCM4
Neumann KM184
Sounddevices 788t


All IRs recorded with mono source: Genelec 8020



Reference – Manual
Impulse Responses – Meta Data
WAV Library – Meta Data
Location & IR Details
Size on HD
Compressed Download (3.3GB, 4.1GB, 7.3GB)
Uncompressed (5.8GB, 6.3GB, 13.2GB )
Stereo 24/96, 5.0 Surround 24/48, 5.0 Surround 24/96
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TOVUSOUND can not give refunds for download sales.